CPD Scheduling

Continuing Professional Development or CPD’s are used throughout various industries to enhance and develop the knowledge and training of employees. For many of those working in the construction industry CPDs are mandatory in order to maintain their accreditation. CPD presentations can be beneficial for your company, however they can also be costly. Enhance understand this and we want to help. Our specialist team can help schedule all manners of CPDs including RIBA approved presentations.


Our approach focuses on building lasting relationships with key industry contacts on behalf of your company. Enhance Account Managers represent your company on calls because this provides a seamless service for your customers.

We will ensure the highest quality attendees to maximise your opportunities. This will allow you to propose your benefits, clarify any queries and encourage consideration of your products. Our specialist Account Managers will initiate contact with relevant companies and promote your CPD presentation. Enhance will generate increased attendees through promotion of your CPD’s.


We access specialist CRM systems and market intelligence sources to identify the key contacts. Enhance ensure your attendees are relevant to you. Relevant attendees offer you the greatest opportunity to generate future business. This will increase your potential return on investment.

When booking a CPD we will confirm the number of attendees. The availability of projectors and additional equipment. Any current projects the practice are involved in. These details will enable you to properly prepare for your CPD presentation and make the most of the event. The Enhance team can help with both internal and external CPD arrangements. To find out more about help with CPD events click below.

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Follow Up

The follow up process is vital but often overlooked due to resource and time. Enhance encourage our clients to capture the details of attendees. Enhance will then contact the attendees and follow up on their experience. This often leads to a project specification. We dedicate the time and the expertise to ensure you are reaching your CPD potential every time.

Enhance are our most effective marketing expenditure and we would happily recommend their services

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