Customer Re-Engagement

Enhance offer tailored services to help you re-engage with inactive or lapsed customers. A friendly conversation with an old customer is often the best place to start when rekindling a relationship. This way you get immediate feedback about any problems they may have encountered with your product or service. It also gives you the chance to spot new opportunities and to find out if they are working with your competitors.

The Enhance Approach

Our Account Managers contact any clients that have not been active and purchasing to intiate communication. This provides an opportunity to encourage re-engagement through promotional offers. By showcasing your company to inactive customers, our expert team ensure you are first in the mind of the customer. Through this work, Enhance generate leads and enquiries that could have been missed and ensure you maximise your ROI.

Enhance understand that customers can become inactive for many reasons. It is important not to dismiss previous customers because this could lead to a missed opportunity to re-engage. We carry out bespoke customer satisfaction and insight surveys.  These results enable you to adjust your strategies to improve customer retention and repeat purchases.

For more information and advice on how to re-engage inactive or lapsed customers check out our blog post here.

We were recommended to Enhance as specialists in the construction sector. Their work has resulted in real opportunities and sales for us.

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