Structural Engineers

Enhance can help you target Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers are heavily involved in the design process. They work closely with Architects and Contractors to select the best materials for each project. Structural Engineers are responsible for specifying the materials in line with the Architect’s design. Therefore they are vital contacts to secure orders. Our expert account managers build valuable relationships with Structural Engineers on relevant projects. We use our expert knowledge to filter Barbour ABI data enabling us to contact projects at the earliest stage. This will give you the best opportunity for specification. We organise qualified appointments for your sales team. Our Quality Assurance team listen to all our calls and ensure appointments are relevant prior to the meeting.

Enhance have over 25 years of experience in understanding and filtering construction data.

Our team are experts in construction specific telemarketing. We create bespoke campaigns to meet your needs and maximise your ROI.

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Qualified Appointments

Enhance produce quality results not just leads. We have 25 years of experience with construction data. We use this experience to filter and source relevant contacts from market intelligence sources.

Customer Re-Engagement

Customers can become inactive for many reasons but this does not mean they will not return. It is important not to dismiss previous customers because this could lead to a missed opportunity to re-engage. We carry out bespoke customer satisfaction and insight surveys. These results enable you to adjust your strategies to improve customer retention and repeat purchases.

Quotations and Enquiries

Enhance are experts at generating project enquiries. We generate opportunities for you to submit a competitive price for your products on projects currently out to tender or schemes that have started on-site.